I know all of us are under quarantine and in lockdown at the moment.I am sure most of us are working from homes right now and while doing so we actually stretch our work timings till the late evenings and some time nights.

Well in all this hustle, we often forget to take care of our skin and hair.

When this WFH started ,I would often skip breakfast or either Lunch due to all the work.I would sleep late at nights knowing that I don’t have to go office next day and won’t have to wake up early to get ready.

And I am sure this must have happened with most of us. But then I really decided to stick to my routine as usual, sleep at proper time , have timely meals and everything.

So here I have a little tips on how to take care of hair and skin with just minimal things and minimum time .

After all our body deserves all the self care which we never had time to take care of.

Hair Care Routine

I use only and only two things to be very specific and believe me its going to do wonders for you too.

Tip 1: Regular oiling is the only Mantra. Oiling the day before your head bath or oiling 2 hours before head bath can really keep your scalp nourished. I use a very very basic pure coconut oil.

Tip 2: I have been using a Garnier banana mask since long time and just loving it.I never found any product to work for me this well and that gave me instant results.

This one is a must buy for sure and isn’t a very costly product .

Skin Care Routine

My skin is kind of very oily so I actually do not experiment with my skin with lot of products.Because I tend to get breakouts every other day so I make minimum use of any cosmetic products.

Tip 1: I am sharing a home made face mask which is very easy to make and apply.

Ingredients :Banana, Papaya, Almond powder, Aloe vera Gel and Honey.

Mix all the ingredients as per the quantity needed and apply it for 20-25 mins. In just 5 days you will see a difference in your skin texture.

I have been using this since some days and loving it so far .Please give it a try and let me know your views.

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Hi Again,

I am going to write all about sarees today as I love wearing it since my college days.Saree is a beautiful Indian traditional wear. And I know as soon as we hear the word ‘SAREE’ , at the very next moment we bother on how to wear it and how to select a it. Please see my reviews below.

I have always loved simple sarees and the one whose material is georgette or chiffon,I mostly go by them because you don’t have to worry much about draping and the finish of plates.

In case of cotton or silk it often becomes difficult to have proper plates if you have to wear a saree all alone. So try and go by the georgette ones and it’s going to be an easy task.

Look 1:

As you can see this is a pure chiffon saree and I find making plates on this very easy. I got this leheria saree from a local shop in Mumbai for INR 3000. I initially found it bit pricey but then when I bought it and wore for the first time, I understood the reason of it being on the costlier side.The material is so so soft and it pretty much sums it up all.

Look 2:

This is a bandhni print saree which is evergreen always. One can wear at any occassion and rock the look.

The saree is bit simple here so I chose to wear a good blouse and bought a little shiny blouse to get a perfect glam look.

I hope you will like my reviews.

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Hey Guys,

This is my first ever personal blog and I have always loved to write and blog but never did it really.

This quarantine gave me a chance to do so and I am so happy about it.

Look 1 :

I love to experiment with my clothes so they are styled differently every time.

Like same clothes and just the different styling can make it just wonderful as we girls always want it.


These days I am loving some see through fitted tops, bodysuits and all you need is a nice bralette and there you are!!

The one I am wearing in above picture is a bodysuit and the best thing about bodysuits is the fitting definitely and you just don’t have to worry all day.

A must try for sure!

Look 2:

I am wearing the same skirt as above one and just paired it with a Tee.

A skirt and a tee is go to outfit for any occasion I guess.

Which one look did you like?

Please let me know ..

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